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Terry McKivragan RI  (1929 - 2012)

Born in Cheshire, Terry McKivragan studied at Wimbledon School of Art, gaining his National Diploma in Design. There then followed a career in commercial art as a designer and illustrator, culminating in the running of his own design studio.  As an illustrator, he developed a love for watercolours which, inspired by the later works of Turner, grew in strength so that he gradually left the commercial world to concentrate on watercolour painting and later also in acrylics, a medium that lends itself to paintings with a more impressionistic approach, exploring the use of colour and textures.


These paintings brought successes including the Hunting Prize finalists’ exhibition, the Lain Art finalists’ exhibition, the RA Summer Exhibition, the Singer Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition and the Discerning Eye Exhibition. After winning the RI medal, Terry was elected a member of the Institute in 1997.  He exhibited with various Mall Galleries societies, the NEAC, the RSMA and the RBA, and was a member of The Chelsea Art Society.


Terry’s work featured in ‘Acrylics Masterclass’, a book which discusses the work of nine artists; ‘Seascapes and Waterways (Paint!)’, a book which compares the work of fourteen artists; ‘The Watercolour Skies and Clouds: Techniques of 23 International Artists’ and a book by Jackie Simmonds, ‘Watercolour Innovations’, featuring the work of eight artists. Terry’s paintings are to be found in various galleries and in private and corporate collections throughout the UK and abroad.

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Catherine Masterman

Catherine Masterman was born in Swansea in 1957 and trained at Chelsea School of Art in London where she developed her interest in architecture and learned the line and wash technique to portray buildings and scenes in delicate watercolour. On returning to Wales for holidays, she was inspired by the variety of chapels which are such a feature of the welsh landscape. On discovering that they are disappearing fast she made attempts to record some of them and started doing watercolours of many which have now disappeared. She used the same technique to portray some of the famous places near her home in West London such as Chiswick House, Strand-on-the-Green and Hammersmith Bridge. Catherine has had numerous commissions and exhibitions in Swansea and London of local well-known buildings and places. She sells pictures through outlets in Swansea and London and has two chapel watercolours in the collection of the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.

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